Get Involved.


Everybody has something to contribute and there's no better way to do this than to be on team. When you get involved and join one of our teams, you'll make friends for life, grow as a follower of Jesus Christ, serve your city and advance the Kingdom of God.

At Equippers we have two types of teams

  • eGroups

  • eTeams

eGroups are our small groups where people, just like you, connect each week and grow as followers of Jesus Christ. To join an eGroup, visit any of our "Find A Church" section and make contact with one of our local churches, who can help find the right eGroup for you.

eTeams our our teams that help facilitate an environment for Church to happen and serve our city. Depending on location, we have eTeams who welcome and greet people, work with children and youth, operate production equipment, provide hospitality, produce creative content, deliver services to the community and more. eTeams are a great way to make friends, build relationships and put into action the gifts and talents God has given you. Why not get involved and join an eTeam today.